About Us

Azadyne was founded in 2019 by Jason Rutt, Vincent Kelly, Stephen Connon & Mike Southern to commercialise the pioneering work on the QTRT or TGT pathway carried out in Profs Kelly, Connon & Southerns labs at Trinity College Dublin. Azadyne’s groundbreaking work in RNA modification has been supported by investment syndicates led by NCL & Kent Life Sciences and private equity group 24 Haymarket.

Azadyne is a virtual company with a team of experienced pharma industry professionals, which is further supported by consultants and contract research organisations. The company has an office at Canterbury Innovation Centre, Canterbury, Kent.

Azadyne is passionate about applying its small molecule approach to RNA modification and T cell differentiation to the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

This targeted approach provides efficacious new treatments in indications that are currently poorly served by existing therapies.

The high specificity provided by the QTRT or TGT pathway means this approach has the potential to avoid the side effects seen in many existing autoimmune therapies.

The platform nature of the approach opens it up to treating alternative disease areas and the team are keen to explore such opportunities with potential collaborators. Please get in touch using our contact details if you would like to discuss this further.

Azadyne Board

Dr Jason Rutt

Ben Cons

Jonathan Synett
Director, Chief Investment Officer NCL

Paul Tselentis
Director, CEO 24Haymarket

Prof Stephen Connon
Head of Synthetic Chemistry TCD

Azadyne Team

Dr Jason Rutt

Dr Tim Bourne

Prof Vincent Kelly
Head of TCD transgenic facility.

Prof Mike Southern
Medicinal Chemistry TCD

Prof Stephen Connon
Head of Synthetic Chemistry TCD