Confronting autoimmune disease

In search of a new approach


Azadyne are a preclinical biotech company with a new approach to treating autoimmune disease. We have identified a new target within the body and a previously undrugged pathway. Using this approach, Azadyne are able to selectively control natural regulatory pathways to modify specific pathogenic immune populations. This mode of action offers therapeutic benefit in a range of indications and also has broader platform application.

Azadyne is a UK company founded in 2019 by Jason Rutt, Vincent Kelly, Stephen Connon & J Michael Southern. It is a spin-out from Trinity College Dublin, to exploit the pioneering work conducted in the Profs Kelly, Connon & Southern’s labs.

The company has received investment from VC and EIS investors.

Azadyne’s approach offers a new paradigm in the treatment of autoimmune disease

Azadyne is a pre-clinical stage company exploiting a novel drug target and pathway with numerous potential applications

Key Features

Azadyne’s novel and innovative approach to treating disease is characterized by some key features:

A novel target for the treatment of autoimmune disease

Highly selective pathway

Selective modification of specific tRNAs

Steers differentiation of T cells to T-reg cells

Efficacy in multiple models/multiple diseases/including human samples

Effects multiple components of autoimmune response

Does so without immune suppression

Safe and well tolerated in vivo

Multiple Chemical series with oral bioavailability